Crowd Control

Pedestrian barriers are essential for all outdoor, indoor, public and private event sites. They allow the event organiser to demarcate their entrance, boundary lines and exit queues. We can offer rental, installation or sales solutions with delivery from our in-house transport division.

Crowd Control Barrier Hire

At Castle Stage Hire, we have extensive experience hiring out and installing crowd control barriers (CCB’s) to our customers. Our fixed leg pre-galvanised crowd control barrier weighs just 10.6kg, making it easy to transport, install and manoeuvre if necessary.

To help build a continuous line of crowd control, each barrier can be interlocked with an easy male/female hooking system, enabling each barrier to be hooked to the loops of another, making it extremely difficult to breach or disconnect if under pressure.

Our crowd control barrier can be lifted with as little as 2 people, and no special tools required.

For large quantities, we recommend that each banded stack be offloaded with our truck-mounted Moffett making the installation as quick and easy as possible.

Up to 25 crowd control barrier can be stacked together vertically with no wasted space and banded for easy transport and storage.

Subsequent bundles can then be stacked to increase storage and transport efficiency.

Front of Stage Barrier

Our lightweight aluminium front of stage barriers have rounded profiles to offer maximum comfort with a design load of 4,5kN/m1.
With a self-weight of only 35 kg per 1 m section, set up and assembly is fast and easy, which assists with any tight production schedules.
The 15 mm slot pin provides an easy connection to the following barrier, which is then secured both top and bottom using a hexagon socket head screw.
To aid any intricate stage design, we stock uniformed snake gates and a selection of angels to control your crowds for any occasion safely.

Heras Fencing – Temporary Fence Panels

AKA – Temporary Fencing, Construction Fencing, Event Fencing

Heras fencing is a type of temporary fencing that is often used at events. It is made up of interlocking panels that are easy to set up and take down. Heras fencing is light weight and portable, making it easy to transport and set up. It is also very strong and durable, making it an effective barrier for security purposes. Heras fencing can be used to create a perimeter around an event or to section off certain areas. It is also often used to create security checkpoints and crowd control barriers.

Temporary fencing is essential to most event or construction sites. Our heavy-duty fencing panels are 2m high x 3.5m wide and come with a rubber base and coupler per panel. Fence stabilisers are also available for extra stability for long fencing runs.

Cycle Barrier

Our Cycle Barriers are an ideal safety solution for protecting spectators and participants in live sporting events such as cycling, running, mountain biking and most extreme sports.

Aside from the use during sporting events, our Cycle Barriers can assist with additional branding opportunities. Advertising can be vital during live events, especially during events attended by large crowds or live streaming.
To accommodate your event look and feel, each Cycle Barrier has an ample 3m x 1m space specifically designed to receive customised advertising banners.
Each banner can be stored and used at your next event to avoid waste.

The 35kg Cycle Barrier is designed with a 70-degree angle. This helps to protect spectators further during live events. The 70-degree angle on the Cycle Barrier helps to deflect the force of an impact or collision.

Each barrier is equipped with a stable 12.6kg foot to allow support and allows multiple barriers to be added.

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