Outdoor & Indoor Tiered Seating (Raised Seating)

Castle Stage Hire are expert suppliers of event seating solutions for any sized event or configuration. We supply highly functional and customised solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor events which include concerts, conferences, corporate events, and sporting events.
Using our elevated, tiered configurations, we can supply seating for any capacity. Combined with flat-floor seating, we can provide solutions for both indoor and outdoor events.
We can work with you to provide designs to suit your needs.
Our grandstand substructure consists of our premier scaffold system, with well-engineered and robust tip-up seats on a tiered decking system, bringing stadium-quality seating to any temporary event, indoors or outdoors.

Castle Stage Hire has extensive experience providing temporary seating for any event suitable for every venue, indoor or outdoor. Our seating systems are modular in design, allowing us to accommodate different seating configurations to suit every event plan or venue setup.

Event Tiered Seating

Our management team and event staff are experienced in providing temporary seating for any sized event from small to extensive outdoor or indoor requirements. Over the years, we have worked and provided seating for all types of events.

Transform your space with Castle Stage Hires’ modular corporate seating. We have a team of experts who can help you from the consultation and design phase to project management, delivery, and handover.

Contact us today to discuss your event requirements, and we’ll be happy to help and provide a detailed event quotation

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